5 reasons to indulge in Oats!

     So as promised I am now going to wow you with just 5, there’s more but just 5 for now reasons to indulge in that bowl of Oats…


  Oats naturally lowers cholesterol

 the element beta-glucan found in Oats is what high cholesterol sufferers such as I (thanks Dad for the genetics) can thank Oats for!

 People with diabetes should eat oats too as it helps steady glucose levels in the blood.


Big on Calcium

and has one of the highest protein content of all grains. So if you don’t like the the taste of crunchy grains..Oats are your answer!


Oats are said to help give you a better nights sleep

  a longer life span and is a good cure for a hangover. So midnight munchers – just sayin’!



Vitamins, Vitamins & more Vitamins!

We’ve got Vitamin A for a healthy immune E, B1, B2, zinc, selenium,, potassium, magnesium,Iron, copper & silicon…Who needs that tablet! Not me…!


  Lastly, health kickers

They are low in saturated fat, contain no sugar, cholesterol or sodium & that one bowl gives you carbohydrates for energy and the enough fiber to fill you up for longer so you eat less throughout the day.


Yippee! Well with that said hopefully can you view the beige coloured filled bowl of  grain in a different light.


Till next time where I may just share a serving suggestion or 2 or 5!!

.. enjoy Muesli munchers..


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