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For the love of Oats

For the love of Oats


I know what you’re thinking… Rolled Oats are boring! Well, I too thought so back in the 80’s with my Grandmother in Croatia all 7 of us crammed into this old farmhouse – but credit to her she made me fall in love with the simplicity of the Oat by adding what any robust Croatian would..something sweet.

Not not honey, but leftover Apple or Cherry Strudel mix or some crushed hazelnuts or walnuts all readily available by shaking the garden tree!

So either Cherries that had been soaked in Cinnamon in their own sweet juice,  or Apple soaked in Nutmeg in their own sweet tart juices mixed in with some sultanas – alas my love affair began and my new breakfast of choice since this time has always been the OAT

But there’s MORE

There are health benefits to Rolled Oats. I know what you are thinking blah blah..but just sit tight and read..just 5 little pointers on just how good that little bowl of even a 200g serve is for you every morning.. In Winter with warmed milk or in Summer pouring just enough milk to cover the oats..go have shower and let sit..Eat & enjoy

Stay tuned for the next blog on that one….much to say


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