My Story

Farmhouse Muesli was inspired from having grown up on my grandparents farm in Croatia.

As a young child I would hesitantly rise at 5am to chop wood so that the house & stove a could be heated. Meanwhile, Baka (Grandma) Kata  would be milking the cow for fresh creamy milk to pour over oats for breakfast.

For a child, a bowl of oats was bland so Baka would add either use left over apple or cherry strudel toppings, rosehip or plum jam or freshly picked seasonal fruit picked from her backyard to make it more enticing for me to eat.

I went from eating oats reluctantly to looking forward to my breakfast every morning. I learnt that a simple bowl of oats can be seriously delicious!

I now live in the great food region of Daylesford and am creating my own delicious oat recipes, inspired by those very mornings.