Serving Suggestions

klikafarmhouse-serving-suggestion1Serving Suggestions

Apple Pie

Enjoy this blend with either hot or cold milk to allow the Cinnamon to infuse into your bowl of oats.

Top with honey or maple syrup on those frosty cold winter mornings, or just top with yoghurt, no milk and enjoy a Cinnamon metabolism boost healthy snack!

Nut Garden

It is most famously used as a smoothie booster, on it’s own with your favourite yoghurt – lemon labne we here takes this variety to a new level!


The perfect Muesli for the overnight oats breakfast eater, soak with either Apple, Pear or Orange juice overnight & in the morning enjoy your Apple infused oats!

Fig Tree

A true Winter favourite for many. Crunchy Roasted Hazelnuts, Walnuts & the juicy gritty taste of heavenly Fig. This blend is combined with the earthy dark grain of Triticale & is best left on its own with very little milk & topped with Coconut yoghurt and Date syrup! Say no more…

Cranberry Basket

An absolute delight on its own with yoghurt or if you are an almond milk kind of person, soak this blend for a few minutes and indulge in the sweetness of the plump cranberry as it infuses into the oats for your morning breakfast.


Your choice of flavoured yoghurt (many recommend strawberry), top with fresh berries & this variety is basically complete.