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Daylesford Hamper Company

Relax and Indulge Basket

Relax and Indulge Basket

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Body Lotion and Body Wash

Ramie Bath Mop/Natural Loofah by Star & Rose Made from 100% Ramie, a natural plant fibre resistant to bacteria and mildew, it is super strong and extremely soft even when wet and does not shrink. Designed to enhance your overall well-being, making your skin feel refreshed and transformed while revitalizing your body and relaxing your mind.

180g Hand crafted Bath Bomb by Daylesford Soap Co A spa treatment in your own home. Please note, you won’t get a color show or crazy fizz as these bath bombs are loaded with clay and butters. They will probably drop to the bottom of the tub and do their own thing! (Release all that skin loving goodness that is)

250ml Hand & Body Lotion by Daylesford Soap Co Rich heavenly scented indulgent lotion. Your skin will thank you.

Hand and Body Wash 500ml by Daylesford Soap Co Our hand and body wash is thick and luxurious. Made with the finest olive oil and enriched with glycerine.

 Strawberries & Cream 190g by Charlotte Piper Charlotte Piper are a small family-owned boutique fudge making business who have mastered the art of fine fudge and quality chocolate. Not just bringing you the freshest fudge flavours, they also have four generations of food manufacturing under their belt to combine their experience and knowledge of handmade sweets, offering you the very best temptations.

White Belgian Chocolate with Sprinkles 100g by Charlotte Piper - 100g White Belgian Chocolate Bar with Sprinkles, presented in a beautiful box.

Hand Poured Soy Candle - Hand poured soy wax tin candle.

Includes a Posie of natural dried flowers and a natural woven basket.

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