Welcome to Daylesford Hampers

… where we offer you the ‘Taste of Daylesford’. Explore our range of gourmet hampers with products sourced from small producers across the Hepburn & Central Highlands region.  You can view our hampers at our online store. 


Daylesford has been a premium food producing region ever since the 4 wise women of Cliffys, the Lakehouse, Lavandula & the Convent banded together to create the ‘foody’ destination we know as Daylesford.  Gourmet producers could sell their products, and people moved to the area to explore what could be produced.

Fast forward to today and we’ve got an incredible range of foods, drinks, delicacies and delights to ensure your Dayelsford get-together is a memorable one.  Explore our online shop to see what we’ve curated just for you!