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Daylesford Hamper Company

Sweet & Savoury #2

Sweet & Savoury #2

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Hand harvested and sorted prior to a traditional process of pickling in brine for a minimum of 8 months. Olives are pickled in small drums allowing various marinates to be added to complement the flavours of the olives.
Chocolate Fudge 105g by Fudge by Rich A deliciously smooth and Rich chocolate fudge. This fudge melts in your mouth and its silky smooth in texture will leave you coming back for more.
Chocolate Mendiants 115g by Charlotte Piper Charlotte Piper are a small family-owned boutique fudge making business who have mastered the art of fine fudge and quality chocolate. Not just bringing you the freshest fudge flavours, they also have four generations of food manufacturing under their belt to combine their experience and knowledge of handmade sweets, offering you the very best temptations.

60g Caramel Popcorn by Kennedy Farm This freshest, crunchiest, most delicious Caramel Popcorn that you have ever tried!! Naturally, for this sweet treat we have used our own popcorn kernels and all other ingredients are sourced from local businesses

200g TV Mixed Chocolates Tv mix is made up of a popular variety of chocolates. Inclusions are a mixture of chocolate coated Milk, Dark & White licorice bullets, white & milk chocolate coated raspberries, chocolate coated peanuts & now with milk & white chocolate coated malt balls.

Fig and Almond Paste 75g by Valley Produce Using black mission figs, we caramelise the fruit and cook it down slowly to develop a rich, sweet flavour. We then add freshly roasted, crushed almonds to create a wonderful texture.

Cocktail Nuts 125g by Chocmama Flavour packed nut and cracker blend. Great with pre-dinner drinks.

Old Fashioned Tomato Relish 260g by Josh and Sue Old Fashioned Tomato Relish won a Silver medal at the Australian Food Awards 2017. Not only is it delicious it is the best selling Relish. Serve with hot and cold meats, on fritters, or simply with your favourite cracker. Or be like Josh&Sue add it to everything!

Pita Chips 100g by True Traditions Crispy pita pieces combined with garlic and mixed herb seasoning. A perfect snack!


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